Sales Junction - Billed us two years in a row with no ability to cancel

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We stopped using the service and tried canceling.They never returned phone calls or emails then a year after our start date they charged us $4,234.07 for 40 users when we were only using 20.

Then they charged us for TWO YEARS IN A ROW for auto renewal after canceling.

This company is a huge scam. They have horrible service, never answer their phones, and have a scary binding legal contract that basically has you locked in...

I still don't know how to cancel it makes me sick to my stomach.Do not get involved with this company they have horrible business practices.

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Sales Junction charges for services not rendered.

Orlando, Florida 1 comment

Sales Junction does not honor canceled contracts.They charged $500 for a new year of service when we canceled our contract!

I've read elsewhere online that they have done the same. They charged us the current year $500 because a worker of ours logged in twice during the service year. We hadn't formerly canceled during the service year, so OK, screw your customers and make your dollars on substandard business practices. Now when we had canceled and they didn't honor that cancellation - charged our corporate credit card for a year of service, that is absurd.

Their product was not to our standards. We purchased Microsoft CRM instead. Don't sign a contract with this company. They are unprofessional and they will charge you that extra too.

No notice, no cancellation apparently allowed.We changed our credit card number so they can never charge us again.

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The software is out dated.Other than first page actual site has 1980's look.

Newer browser is not supported. Import export of data is ridiculous. Loads of errors everywhere in data export. How can they have customers?

Glad we signed up for sales force after 6 painful months.

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